Kayak Accessories (Total: 2)

Life Jacket

Wear your life jacket,just play with happy!


This trolley is easy to carry kayak when you carry your kayak on the road or beach.The tube is made from aluminum,kayak can be protected well by strap.

Roof rack

Never need to worry about the carry of your kayak.This rack is easy to carry kayak when you are driving with your kayak.The tube is made from Aluminum.Kayak can be protected well by foam pad.

Dry Bag

The waterproof dry bag is good for storing your dry gears when the outside is wet.


Protect your head from injury!

Display Rack

Support kayak

Ice storage box

When you're at sea or on a lake, you can store water, food, or fish you catch.

Paddle Float

Bilge pumb

Celling lift

Boat Roller

Make kayaking more quickly loaded on the vehicle.



Can place a variety of fishing tools, give you more different wonderful experience.

Kayak wall rack

Hang the kayak on the wall to save floor space.


Ensure the tightness of hatch openings


The asymmetrical blades provide increased paddling effisiency and reduced torque for those longer paddling trips.Comes with a pair of drip rings and is available in red,blue,white,or yellow with a black shaft.


The cool kayak sit-on-top kayak seat back is the new benchmark for sit-on-top kayak seats,combining the best traits,our coolkayak backseat will offer a comfortable fishing feeling and is meant to fit all our kayaks.

Rudder System

Take control of your kayak's tracking and prove your paddling your paddling efficiency with the cool kayak rudder system,it provides the ultimate paddling experience when you find yourself on the water on a windy day or in waters with strong currents.

Screws for kayak


Good sealing, multiple sizes


A variety of handles to help move kayaks more easily.

Paddle leash

Can effectively prevent paddle loss in the water.

Swivel Rod Holder


Flush rod holder

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